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Operation manual

This site provides Operation Manuals for our products in PDF format.
Please feel free to download copies should you lose your manual or want to check the operation of your product, etc. Note that the following terms and conditions apply:
1. The manual you download may contain changes, without prior warning, to the specifications of the product that you have purchased.
The content in the operation manuals available on this site may, at times, differ to the manual accompanying the product at time of purchase or to the manuals that are provided at the present time.
2. The instructions outlined under “Precautions in Use”, “Safety Considerations” and other safety-related content comply with both legal and industrial standards at time of compilation of the manuals. Please be advised that it is possible that what you find here may not be the very latest version.
3. The Operation Manuals provided on this site comprise only those items that we are able to upload to the site. We apologize, therefore, if you are unable to find a particular item that you are looking for.
Furthermore, the documents you find here are simply scans of manuals kept by the company, and we therefore apologize if some pages may appear less than pristine or difficult to read.
4. You may find manuals on this site for machines that you may no longer be able to purchase as they may have been discontinued.
5. We are unable to take any responsibility for any damage that results from the use or otherwise of information on this site, including damages resulting from interruption to business.
6. The contents of this site are copyright © 2009 Rex Industries & Co., Ltd., and may not be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the company.
Notwithstanding the above, customers may copy the materials for private, non-commercial use only.
7. This site may be suspended, or the content or terms and conditions of use may be changed without prior notification.